• About THE RACE

    The ANTIQUE MARATHON is a 3-town race in the province of Antique, Philippines. It takes off from the town of Sibalom and will pass through the capital town of San Jose de Buenavista and the historic town of Hamtic.

    Historic Sites

    Runners will pass through 3 historic sites in the province; the Pangpang bridge - famous for the Pangpang Massacre in the 1980’s, the assassination site of Evelio B. Javier – the local hero of the province who was assassinated in 1986 which also triggered the start of EDSA Revolution. His supporters are the ones who were massacred at the Pangpang bridge. Finally the Malay Settlement site believed to be the first settlement of the 10 Bornean Datus in the 13th Century in Brgy. Malandog, Hamtic.



    Race Date: November 3, 2019

    Distances: 42K, 21K, 10K, 5K - LIMITED SLOTS ONLY

    Schedule of Registration

    Regular Registration – May 6 to September 16, 2019

    42K – Php1,800.00 / $35.00

    21K – php1,500.00 / $30.00

    10K – Php900.00 / $20.00

    5K - Php600.00 / $12.00


    Late Registration

    42K – Php2,250.00 / $45.00 (September 17 to October 31, 2019)

    21K – Php1,900.00 / $36.00 (September 17 to October 31, 2019)

    10K – Php1,200.00 / $25.00 (October 1 to 31, 2019)

    5K - Php750.00 / $15.00 (October 1 to 31, 2019)


    Only those who register during the "regular" registration period are guaranteed on the size of the shirt they choose.

    Assembly Time:

    42K – 2:00AM

    21K – 3:30AM

    10K – 4:30AM

    5K - 4:30AM

    Gun Time:

    42K – 3:00AM

    21K – 4:30AM

    10K – 5:30AM

    5K - 5:30AM

    Cut Off:

    42K – 10:00AM (7 hours)

    21K – 9:00AM (4.5 hours)

    10K – 8:30AM (3 hours)

    5K - 7:30AM (2 hours)


    42K – Event Shirt, Race Bib, Finisher’s Medal and e-Certificate

    21K – Event Shirt, Race Bib, Finisher’s Medal and e-Certificate

    10K – Event Shirt, Race Bib and e-Certificate

    5K - Event Shirt, Race Bib and e-Certificate


    Antique Marathon 42Km Route

    Antique Marathon 21Km Route

    Antique Marathon 10Km Route


    1. Participants below 18 years old must have their waiver signed by a parent/guardian. 
    2. Race bib number must be worn at all time during the race. It should be pinned in front of the running shirt. 
    3. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable. 
    4. Upgrade is allowed as long as there are still slots available. Participant will pay the addition fee difference. Likewise, downgrade will be as allowed but there will be NO refund on the registration fee difference.
    5. Only those who register during the regular registration period are assured to have the preferred size of the event shirt they requested. Those who register late will have to settle to a first-come, first serve basis on the remaining availability of the shirt sizes.
    6. Organizers maintain the right to remove any participant from the race for any injuries or violations.. Injuries and medical emergencies are the utmost priority.
    7. All runners are required to have the proper U-turn band when they cross the finish line; no U-turn band means automatic disqualification from the race. 
    8. A cut off time will be strictly implemented for each category. Runners on the course after the cut off time will be pulled out by the race marshals. 
    9. The race will start exactly on time. Late runners will be allowed to start late of their respected gun time but must still finish within the required cut off time. 
    10. Organizers can impose time penalties or disqualification on runners who do not follow race rules. 
    11. All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Director within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners. 
    12. The organizers reserve the right to make changes at its discretion without prior notice. The organizers’ decision is final. 


    Registration for the 2019 edition now open!


    ONLINE Via Paypal/Credit Card Payment/BANK DEPOSIT:

    1. Register or log in (if you already have an account) at www.raceyaya.com (click the link below) and follow registration procedure.
    2. Wait for the confirmation email and follow payment instructions.
    3. PAYMENT. Pay using Paypal or deposit payment to:

      Account Name: Manuel Magbanua, Jr
      Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
      Account No. 3056-4064-39
      BPI Family
      Account No. 5556-1009-01
    4. Write your name and distance/category on your deposit slip, scan or take a photo and upload it on your Raceyaya registration.
    5. Upload your medical certificate (for 21Km and 42Km runners).
    6. Train and get ready for race day!


    For other Inquiries call/SMS:

    Manie (0917) 7954458


    Visit and like: www.facebook.com/antiquemarathon for updates.


  • Past Winners and Record Holders




    Bugasong, Antique

    3:11:47 (course record)



    ELLO, John

    Sibalom, Antique




    ELLO, Rene - Sibalom, Antique

    ONIFA, John Ray - Tobias Fornier, Antique




    MARTINEZ, Ramil

    San JOse, Antique



    COBER, Ernie




    LAQUI, Emily Jean

    Quezon City




    VELARDE, Gilda

    Misamis Oriental

    4:28:42.4 (course record)



    No Participant




    Astrakhan, Russia




    Ma. Theresa Basallo



    How to get to Antique

    Take a ro-ro or PAL flight straight to San Jose or other airlines via Iloilo

    Starting December 16, 2018 Philippine Airlines fly direct to San Jose, Antique from Clark International Airport every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


    For those who are coming in from Iloilo airport, please consider the following.


    Going to Antique from Iloilo:


    Option #1
    You can hire a shuttle van straight to San Jose from Iloilo airport. Choose Susie Star or Rose Tours. Fare should only be from Php1,800-Php2,300. Ideal for group or those who have the budget.


    Option #2
    2.a. Ride a van from airport to the city. If it is Susie Star or Rose Tours, you will be brought straight to their Molo terminal and will transfer you to another van going to San Jose. Fare from airport to Molo terminal is P70.00 and Iloilo to San Jose is P100.00. Students and señor citizens have discount.

    2.b. Ride a van from airport to the city. If it is Susie Star or Rose Tours, you will be brought straight to Molo-Antique terminal. Take Ceres Bus to San Jose. Fare from airport to Molo terminal is P70.00 and Iloilo to San Jose is P100.00. Students and señor citizens have discount. This slower but a more comfortable option.



    1. If you ride vans other than Susie Star or Rose Tours, ask the driver if he can drop you at the Molo-Antique Terminal. Some are until SM City only. Fare to SM City is Php50.00. From SM, take a cab to Molo-Antique Terminal. From the terminal you can choose to take shuttle vans or Ceres buses. The air-conditioned buses are more comfortable but are slower because of so many stops.
    2. Take a cab or special trips with shuttle vans from Iloilo Airport to Antique terminal. Fare is between P350.00 - P400.00.

    If you ride shuttle vans other than Susie Star or Rose tours, be sure you get your change before the van leaves the airport. The driver will not give you change upon arriving in your destination.


    Travel time from Iloilo to San Jose, Antique is approximately 2:30 hours via shuttle vans or 3 hours via buses.


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    We are in partnership with Rose Traveler's Inn located in Azurin Cmpd., San Jose Antique. Special discount is given to all participants of The Antique Marathon.


    Contact No.

    +63 936 8399438


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    Email Us
    +63 917 7954458

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